ESPN analyst disrespects Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Unless you are a pure hater (some of you are), you agree that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is a very good quarterback.

Sure, Stafford has had his ups and downs throughout his career, but when looking at his overall body of work, you have to admit that he has been pretty damn good.

Well, one Stafford hater (or at least is seems like it) is ESPN analyst Bill Barnwell.

Barnwell recently dropped a list ranking the best NFL quarterbacks to never play in a Super Bowl.

Included on the list are quarterbacks like Jeff Garcia, Jeff Blake and Jay Cutler. But guess who is not included?

That’s right, folks, Matthew Stafford, according to Barnwell, does not make the cut.

We are not going to break down each QBs stats, though that would only further solidly our position, but we will say that to leave Stafford off of this list is disrespectful.

Hey, Bill, we are all entitled to our own opinion,but in this case, yours is wrong.


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