ESPN analyst Emmanuel Acho says it’s time for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh to part ways

Head coach Jim Harbaugh was hired to lead Michigan Football back to the promised land – as in College Football Playoffs. Big Ten championships. National championships.

None of that has happened. Michigan just dropped their fourth consecutive Bowl game yesterday, losing to Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. Under Harbaugh, they've yet to appear in Indianapolis, lost five straight to Ohio State, and don't appear any closer to being up there with the elite programs in Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, etc.

And one analyst has seen enough.

ESPN college football analyst Emmanuel Acho believes that it's time for the two parties to move on from each other:

“Jim Harbaugh is a very, very good coach. He’s a very good coach, but he’s not an elite college football coach,” he said. “He’s not a Hall of Fame coach. What I mean by that — the Urban Meyers, the Nick Sabans, the Bob Stoops, the Joe Paternos, the Mack Browns. What I want from Michigan is elite and Jim Harbaugh is very good. For that reason, I think they should move on.”

Is it time for Michigan to move on from Harbaugh, or should he be given more time?


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