ESPN declines to answer on 2016 controversial Michigan/Ohio State first down

ESPN announced plans to air the classic Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes game from 2016 in Columbus, which would end in controversial fashion from Michigan's point of view.

The Buckeyes would prevail 30-27 in overtime, but it was the controversy that enabled Buckeyes tailback Curtis Samuel to deliver the game-winning run.

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Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett took the snap on a critical fourth-and-1 play at the Michigan 16. Barrett appeared to be short, but on-field officials eventually ruled it a first down; Samuel scored on the next play to end the game.

Afterward, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh gave a frank assessment of the call.

“That was not a first down,” he said. “I'm bitterly disappointed with the officiating today.”

So what's ESPN's take on that play? Don't expect an answer.

Michigan Wolverines

Don't worry, ESPN – we'll answer for you. He was short.

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