ESPN releases worst ‘150 Greatest Coaches in College Football’s 150-year History’ list you can imagine

On Tuesday, ESPN released a list titled, “The 150 greatest coaches in college football’s 150-year history,” and it is the most comical thing you will have browsed in a long time.


Here are some of the interesting rankings…

No. 2 – Nick Saban

No. 9 – Woody Hayes

No. 20 – Bo Schembechler

No. 23 – Lou Holtz

No. 31 – Dabo Swinney

No. 35 – Jim Tressel

No. 37 – Peter Carroll

No. 46 – Urban Meyer

No. 50 – Lloyd Carr

How in the world is Urban Meyer not higher than No. 46???

As much as we hate to direct you to ESPN, you have to check out the entire list to see why it is so bad.

What do you think?

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