Everything Detroit Lions LB Jack Campbell said at introductory press conference

With the No. 18 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions surprised quite a few people by selecting LB Jack Campbell out of Iowa. One day later, Campbell traveled to Allen Park, where he answered questions from the media during his introductory press conference.

Jack Campbell Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions selected Jack Campbell with the No. 18 pick
  • Jack Campbell spoke to the media during his introductory presser on Friday

Everything Detroit Lions LB Jack Campbell said at introductory press conference

Here are the bullet points for what Campbell said during his introductory presser. Full quotes to come later.

  • Thanks Ford Family, Brad Holmes, and Dan Campbell for giving him this opportunity
  • It has been a childhood dream of his to be in the NFL
  • He could not be happier to have the opportunity to represent Detroit and be a part of something special
  • “I have been here for the day and can already tell it is truly unique, and the fans are going to have something to be excited about.”
  • Spent the last 24 hours with his family. Tried to “stay intentional.” Tried to stay off the phone.
  • Knows he will never get drafted again so he tried to enjoy it. “But it's been crazy.”
  • “As soon as I got that phone call from Mr. Holmes, it was just an unbelievable feeling. Words cannot describe how it feels. It's such a blessing and an honor to be here. And I feel like the Good Lord's put me here for a reason and I am excited to get started.”
  • Explains that he is not against social media but he would rather than spend time with people and talk to people rather than being on his phone. “I do need to get better at social media, a lot of people have told me that.”
  • “I would not be here if the guys up in that office did not believe in me. I'm honored to be picked where I'm picked. I was going into the draft thinking, ‘God, you put me where you want me to be. He put me here, I'm going to take full advantage of it. I feel like I'm gonna come in with an attitude, I'm not going to change who I am. I'm going to stay true to myself as Jack Campbell.
  • Will use the “Mutt Mentality” that was used in the linebacker room at Iowa while he plays for the Lions
  • He's excited to get to work with the linebackers on the team. They are all super good people. A lot have already reached out to him.
  • “Super excited to work with Coach Shep. He is a genuine human being and he is going to get the best out of me, on the field and off the field.”
  • Talked about just trying to be who he is when he met with the Lions. Could not tell if they thought he was special or not.
  • “What they are all about, I'm all about.”
  • He wants to win and he wants to compete. “Common goal is to win the Super Bowl, and anything less than that is unacceptable.”
  • He wants to keep a humble approach to everything and to learn from the veterans.
  • “I'm just so proud to be a Lion”
  • As far as being a leader as a rookie: “I am going to come in with a humble approach, and I am going to let my actions speak louder than my words. And then earn respect here and build relationships with my teammates.
  • “I'm passionate about learning new things that directly apply to me, and things that I'm passionate about. Show up every day with a great attitude and a great effort.”
  • “I feel like a midwestern kid, who I feel like, up to this point, has kinda earned everything that I've gotten. I feel like I have an old-school, blue-collar mindset. And I feel like that's kinda what they liked about me. And I feel like that is a perfect fit for Detroit. The people in this city, I feel like they work for everything they get. Never complain, never point fingers. And I just feel like that is who I am. I feel like I couldn't be in a better city that represents that.
  • He will be as vocal as he needs to be. Always will bring great body language
  • “As soon as I step on the field, nothing is more important than winning.”
  • As far as a number with the Lions goes, he is going to wear whatever they give him.
  • “Outside of football, I like to go to church, hang out with friends, and hunt. That's pretty much it.”
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