Ex-Detroit Lion takes to Twitter to apologize to team, call out Bob Quinn

Marquis Flowers did not spend much time with the Detroit Lions but apparently he was there long enough to form quite the opinion of former Lions GM Bob Quinn.

On Saturday, Flowers took to Twitter to apologize to the Lions (again) and to throw some shade a Quinn.

I owe the Detroit Lions another Apology! I went in there selfish! Upset! And angry! Let that “business greed league” get into my head! Although Bob Quinn was Lying through his teeth! I wasn’t right mentally! I lost sight on my “why”! And it’s always been because I LOVE THE GAME!

Before signing with the Lions and while he was with them, Flowers made it very clear how much he loved Matt Patricia and his feeling have not changed. Instead, he blames himself for not being in the right spot mentally.

Ima just say this and I only speak for myself! It’s all love for coach Matt Patricia! He’s a great coach! I’d run through a wall for him! He knew my mental was fucked up and he Knew the Pats “business side” did it! He was never the problem for me!

Flowers admits that he “blew it” in Detroit, getting caught up in the “business Greed league.”