Ex-Detroit Lions QB makes fool of himself by bashing NFL analyst Mia Kimes

We have all heard the ignorant argument that if you have not played a sport yourself, you should not be able to discuss how somebody else plays it.

These arguments are generally made by former athletes and they are directed at people who are giving their opinion on said sport.

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Well, on Thursday, former San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions QB Jeff Garcia decided that it would be a good idea to bash ESPN's NFL analyst Mina Kimes for her opinion on 49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo and he made a fool out of himself while doing so.

Look at what this jackass had to say.

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  1. Before we bash him for his comments, what did she say? Perhaps his comments were deserved. This article is incomplete.

    • What she said doesn’t matter, Garcia is saying that nobody that has done what they are criticizing shouldn’t be allowed to say anything about football players.
      Maybe war correspondents shouldn’t be allowed to comment on war ect ect.

      So according to him, only football players should be allowed to comment about football.

      He’s an idiot, and I can say that because I was an idiot once too.

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