Ex-Detroit Lions RB Ty Johnson calls out New York Jets

Ty Johnson, a former running back for the Detroit Lions, recently shared his difficult experience since being released by the New York Jets. Despite being re-signed by the Jets during the NFL free-agency signing period, Johnson's career took a turn for the worse when he suffered a torn pectoral muscle during an offseason workout. Despite following the advice of the Jets team doctor and undergoing surgery, he was still released from the team. Johnson expressed his frustration and disappointment on social media, recounting the dark days he endured and emphasizing his determination to overcome the setback.

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Key Points

  • Johnson experienced challenges after being released by the Jets.
  • He suffered a torn pectoral muscle following an off-season workout.
  • Johnson underwent surgery based on the advice of the Jets team doctor but was still released.
  • He expressed his frustration and determination to bounce back on social media.
  • Johnson believes in his ability to overcome adversity with faith and resilience.

Ex-Detroit Lions RB Ty Johnson calls out New York Jets

Here is what Johnson had to say about the Jets doing him dirty.

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“I’ve had some Dark, dark days, man.” “Told them [about the injury]. I told them even before this, I was like: ‘hey, was working out, [the torn pectoral] happened’ — saw the team doctor, he was like — ‘you need to get it fixed.’ Flew out the next day [to get surgery]. Came back happy that I got it done, even though I didn’t want to get it done. That following Wednesday, you’re outta there!”

Bottom Line – Finding Strength in Adversity

Johnson's experience sheds light on the demanding nature of professional sports and the uncertainties faced by athletes. Despite encountering setbacks and being released from the Jets, Johnson remains resilient and optimistic about his future.

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