Ex-NFL WR Percy Harvin says he once punched Golden Tate into trash can, Tate responds on Twitter

According to former NFL wide receiver Percy Harvin, he once got into it with his then Seattle Seahawks teammate, Golden Tate, resulting in Tate being punched into a trash can.


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Harvin recently joined Bleacher Report's Master Tesfatsion and revealed that there was not a single NFL game that he played in where he was not high, due to issues he had with anxiety.

When Harvin was asked about the alleged incident that went down with Tate prior to Super Bowl XLVIII, he said it all started after Tate told reporters the Seahawks would be fine with or without Harvin, who was returning from a concussion.


Harvin says he confronted Tate about the comments and it ended with the two getting into a physical altercation which ended with Tate being punched into a trash can.

The report, which was also shared by Pro Football Talk, caught Tate's attention and he refuted what Harvin had to say about what went down before Super Bowl.

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“What went down is 100% false for one. No punches thrown in the altercation and lastly that mark under my eye was there well before the day before the super bowl. And you can google to fact check that. Thanks dudes! Still huge fan of PH wish him nothing but health!”

Harvin says he punched Tate into a trash can, Tate denies it, so what really happened?

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Well, former Detroit Lions and Seahawks DE Cliff Avril is clearly on Harvin's side in this one.

Avril recently talked about the incident on the Cliff and Puck podcast and Avril says the incident absolutely did happen, including the punch, and it ended with Tate being thrown into a trash can by Harvin.

To listen to what Avril had to say about the incident, please click on the link below.

Listen to “Cliff Avril on what he saw with Percy Harvin v Golden Tate” on Spreaker.

Nation, what do you make of this? Is Tate lying?

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