Ex-Tiger Nick Castellanos has wrist microfracture

Not exactly the news that former Detroit Tigers Nick Castellanos was wanting to hear.

A recent scan revealed that he’d suffered a micro fracture in his wrist, and he’ll be unable to swing the bat for the immediate future. How long that is, however, remains to be seen.

“I had a CT scan today and I have a microfracture in my wrist that I’m dealing with,” said Castellanos. “I’ve got to rest it. I’m going to take a couple of days to see where I’m at.”

Can he swing the bat right now?

“No. I’m probably 50%. I was trying for a couple of days just to play through it and honestly see where I was at and honestly I’m at like 50%.”

He’s hit 18 home runs with 51 RBI combined with a .329 average so far in 2021.

– – Quotes via Red Leg Nation Link – –