Ex-Tiger Nick Castellanos hits 2 bombs, but commits error leading to 3 Tigers runs (VIDEO)

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Well, there’s that Nick Castellanos defense we remember.

The former Detroit Tiger misplayed a fly ball into center field and dropped it, which led to his old team getting three runs up on the board:

However, that’s not what he’ll be remembering about his return to Comerica Park – he’ll likely be thinking about the two bombs he hit in the ballpark that he knows well.

BONUS CONTENT: Commissioner Rob Manfred optimistic about playoffs

We’ve already had several delays involving several MLB teams thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 20 members of the Miami Marlins organization have tested positive for the illness, while players/personnel from teams such as the Orioles, Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals and Tigers have all tested positive, prompting 17 postponements in the last 10 days alone.

And despite MLB Commissioner Ron Manfred floating the possibility of a season shutdown thanks to the illness, he remains confident that we’ll get to see a 2020 postseason if all safety protocols are followed.

“I think that if everybody does what they are supposed to do, we can continue to play, have a credible season and get through the postseason,” Manfred said.

He detailed a positive conversation he had with MLBPA head Tony Clark of how to safely enforce the safety protocols in an effort to continue the season.

“It is what the public health experts have been saying from the beginning about this, that there is no one big magic fix,” Manfred said.

“The protocols are a series of little things that people need to do. We’ve had some problems. In order to be better, it’s another series of little things. I think it’s peer pressure. I think it’s players taking personal responsibility. I think it’s the union helping us like Tony Clark helped us yesterday. And I think it’s us managing more aggressively,” he said.

But, as always, nothing is certain, and there could be more issues yet ahead.