Ex-Tigers pitcher exposes Astros as alleged cheaters

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We’re all aware of the success that former Detroit Tigers pitchers have had since leaving the Motor City. But leave it to another ex-Tiger to potentially put a cloud over some of their accomplishments.

Former Tiger Mike Fiers has alleged that the Houston Astros were using an electronic system to steal signs (an illegal act in the MLB). Allegedly, Houston used an outfield camera to relay catcher signs to a television monitor in the dugout; players and coaches would then reportedly bang on a trash can to tip off batters to the upcoming pitch.

Fiers was a member of the 2017 World Series winning Astros, along with former Tigers ace Justin Verlander.

This is the system used according to The Athletic:

A feed from a camera in center field, fixed on the opposing catcher’s signs, was hooked up to a television monitor that was placed on a wall steps from the team’s home dugout at Minute Maid Park, in the tunnel that runs between the dugout and the clubhouse. Team employees and players would watch the screen during the game and try to decode signs — sitting opposite the screen on massage tables in a wide hallway.

Fiers was signed by the Tigers in 2017 after winning the World Series with the Astros in 2017; he currently plays for the Oakland Athletics.