EPIC FAIL! 10 minutes of NHL own-goals [VIDEO]

It’s every NHL player’s worst nightmare. You’re battling for possession in your own zone, you’ve got 3 attackers buzzing around you, and your line is ready for a change. You fight and fight, and finally you strip the puck from the other team. You spin to clear the puck from your zone for a change, but it’s gone. The puck trickled off the end of your stick, and past your own unsuspecting goaltender, into your team’s net. Oh the humiliation.

It’s not something that happens very often in the top league in the world, but it does happen: scoring on your own net. It’s embarrassing, but players quickly move on from it. However, the internet does not. And they will remind you of it over and over for years.

So let’s take a load off, and enjoy 10 minutes of NHL players scoring on their own teams.



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Written by Nathan Webb

Bleeding whiskey and maple syrup, Nathan is an avid Red Wings fan who fills his lack of interest for other sports with even more hockey. Born and raised in Warren, MI, he's been in the thick of Red Wings culture since day one, and views the game from an analytical and objective standpoint. (@TheSarcastrophe)

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