Fan Drops EPIC 2023 Michigan Football Hype Video

Fan Drops EPIC 2023 Michigan Football Hype Video

If you are a fan of the Michigan Football team, you are probably having trouble containing yourself as the 2-time defending Big Ten Champions are preparing to take the field for the first time this season. If you are anything like me, you had some trouble sleeping last night, and you are scrambling for things to do to make the time go by faster! Well, while surfing through social media this morning, I came across an epic Michigan hype video that is sure to get your blood flowing.

2023 Michigan Football Hype Video
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Those Who Stay

Here is the amazing Michigan Football hype video that Luke D’Mello (@mello2189) dropped in advance of Michgan’s season-opener against East Carolina. If you are a fan of the Wolverines as I am, this is absolute perfection!

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Anticipation is Real: Even the Big Ten Champions are restless, eager to kick off their first game of the season. That game will take place on Saturday afternoon at the Big House in Ann Arbor.
  2. Morning Hype: Stumble upon an adrenaline-pumping Michigan hype video while browsing social media to gear up for the game.
  3. Must-Watch for Fans: The video by Luke D’Mello (@mello2189) is the embodiment of Wolverine spirit and a perfect pre-game watch for fans.
Blake Corum Michigan Football

Bottom Line: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

If you are a fan of the Michigan Football team, the excitement is through the roof for the 2023 season. The Wolverines have won back-to-back Big Ten Championships, but their goals are set much higher than that this coming season. Michigan’s goal is not just to win a Big Ten Title, or to go to the College Football Playoff, their goal is to win a National Championship for the first time since the 1997 season. GO BLUE!!!

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