Fan makes hilarious edit to Wikipedia after Miguel Cabrera does the unthinkable

When Miguel Cabrera decided to flash his speed on Tuesday night against the Royals, one fan rushed to Wikipedia to do something great.

If you missed Tuesday night's game between the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals, you missed a great moment from Tigers' future Hall of Famer, Miguel Cabrera.

During the seventh inning of the Tigers' 7-5 win over the Royals, Cabrera surprised everyone when he stole third base and then proceeded to score when the throw trying to get him out sailed into left field.

Here is the play in case you missed it.

Fan makes hilarious edit to Wikipedia after Miguel Cabrera does the unthinkable

Following the stolen base, a fan rushed to Wikipedia and made a hilarious edit to the word “speed” by adding a photo of Miguel Cabrera sliding into third base during Tuesday's game. (H/T to Detroit Tigers Twitter for pointing this out)

Check it out!

Miguel Cabrera

Unfortunately, somebody who does not agree with having fun has already skipped their coffee to change the Wikipedia page back to how it was.

Following the game, Cabrera quoted the great Rickey Henderson when talking about his stolen base.

Like Rickey Henderson said, ‘When you gotta go, you go,'” Miguel Cabrera said as his Detroit Tigers teammates erupted in laughter. “You don't think. When you go, you go. I always got it in my mind: Rickey said that, so I gotta do it.”

“My mind said go, so I go,” Cabrera said. “It was a good opportunity. We got to make something happen. Thank God I was safe.”

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Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said he was as “surprised as anyone” when Miggy decided to steal third.

“He was something, and I guess the athlete in him broke out.”

“I was as surprised as anyone,” Hinch said, “but he did it. And in true [Miggy] fashion, he was laughing the whole way home.”

Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers will finish their 4-game series against the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m ET.