Fan Reaction to the Detroit Lions ‘gritty’ win against the Bears 2022

    As you can imagine the fan reaction to the Detroit Lions' win over the Chicago Bears was full of adulation mixed with a slight bit of kool-aid drinking. As the Detroit Lions entered the 2022 NFL season, one word stood out from their time on HBO's Hard Knocks, “grit.” For crying out loud, there are even hats for sale now with that saying on them. Through the first 10 weeks of the NFL season, the idea of grit got old really quickly as the Lions headed to 1-6 on the season through their first seven games. But now, with two wins in a row and the New York Giants up next, hope can reign supreme for at least another week.

    Fans react to the Detroit Lions

    How was the fan reaction to the Detroit Lions Win over the Bears?

    The mix of emotions for Lions fans is nothing new to this fanbase. Each week it seems we are buckling in at Cedar Pointe for the bumpiest of rides, and each week we continue to buckle back in, it's masochistic in a way. But yet, when the Lions are on, we'll watch and ride the waves because we love them–even if they are very unlovable sometimes.

    Some fan reaction to the Detroit Lions' win was humorous

    I mean, we get it, right? There's a reality to needing medication to protect you from the outcomes of these games. I'm sure there were plenty of people draped in Honolulu Blue grabbing their ears and whispering, “whooo-sah” to themselves over the course of this game. And, truthfully, if you haven't been diagnosed with elevated heart rates, ulcers, or other types of medical conditions based on this team are you really a fan?

    Other fan reactions to the Detroit Lions win were more joyful

    I feel like this is all of us, right now. The Lions got their second win in a row, their first road win, and their first pick-six in a long time. Not to mention, this was the first time since 1993 that the Lions were down 14 in the 4th quarter and were able to come back and win. Pour a glass of Blue Kool-Aid and enjoy this win.

    Some fan reactions to the Detroit Lions win had a “curse-breaking” feel

    We all know the lored “Curse of Bobby Layne” that has seemingly plagued the Detroit Lions since their last championship in 1957. Even Peyton Manning and Jeff Daniels are on the Lions' side with this one, trying to exorcise the demons that have plagued the franchise. Since then, as Jennifer Hammonds notes, the Lions are 2-0 and maybe have turned the corner.

    gear up Detroit

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