Fan suggests how Detroit Lions can reverse the Curse of Bobby Layne

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2 games into the season following their NFL Championship Game win in 1957, the Detroit Lions decided to trade their starting quarterback Bobby Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers for QB Earl Morrall and a couple of draft picks. When he learned he was traded, Layne was not happy and supposedly said the Lions would not win another championship for 50 years. That, Lions fans, was the start of the Curse of Bobby Layne.

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50 years passed by without the Lions ever winning another championship (now called the Super Bowl), but it seems like the curse is still alive and well.

But is there a way to reverse the curse?

On Thursday, a message was tweeted out by @FrediThePizzamn asking the following question.

“Bobby Layne from Highland Park, TX once said when the Detroit Lions traded him “you, the Lions won’t win for 50 years” so if we traded Matthew Stafford, also from Highland Park, TX – the jinx would be reversed?”

Nation, could trading Stafford reverse the Curse of Bobby Layne?