Fans Irate After Prince Fielder’s Post-Game Comments

BOSTON, Massachusetts —

Fans blew up the phone lines on talk radio shows last night, pronouncing their displeasure for Prince Fielder’s comments following the Detroit Tigers season-ending game 6 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday night in the ALCS.

While the rest of the Tigers were telling reporters how difficult it would be to wake up on Sunday and realize their season is done, coming short of their goal, Prince took a different stance. “It’s not really tough for me. It’s over. I’ve got kids I’ve got to take care of. I’ve got things I’ve got to take care of. For me, it’s over.”

When Jeff Riger of 97.1 The Ticket suggested to Fielder how Tigers fans might not understand how it could possibly be so easy for him to move on, he came back with, “They (the fans) don’t play. I mean, if you have responsibilities it should be, you know, you shouldn’t take your work home, you know? I’ve got to still be a father and take care of my kids, so, you know, I’ve got to move on.”


After going 9 for 40 with 0 HR, and 0 RBI in 12 playoff games this postseason, it’s understandable that Prince would be upset. But many believe his comments are crossing a line. We all know he’s going through a now very public divorce, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for yet another awful postseason.

It wasn’t so much what he said to the media post-game, but how he said them. To me, it was evident his head was elsewhere this season. Almost as if he didn’t care.

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I’m not saying Prince should ignore his family issues and focus solely on baseball, but when you’re making $25 million a year, you have to be able to cope with them. And if you can’t, take yourself off the field because you’re hurting your name and your teammates. Many people go through tough times in their life, especially over the past few years in Detroit. Yet, we still go to work and get our jobs done. Why should Prince Fielder be any different?

One thing is for sure, Prince will need to change his attitude before Opening Day, or things could get ugly real quick. After another postseason of sub-par numbers, Prince and his 9-year, $214 million dollar contract will be under the microscope more than ever.

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  1. What are your personal feelings on what to do with Fielder next year? With Martinez still under contract and Miguel Cabrera possibly needing to move to first next year, Fielder seems to be the odd man out if not for his gargantuan contract. How do you see this being resolved?

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