Fans of the Detroit Lions have a mixed reaction to Matthew Stafford trade

It’s offically the end of an era in the Motor City, as quarterback Matthew Stafford is heading to Hollywood. He’s now a member of the Los Angeles Rams, while Jared Goff and draft picks are headed back here to Detroit.

And as you can expect, the news hit Lions fans pretty hard. While there were plenty of fans sorry to see Stafford leave the city he’s called home the past 12 seasons, there were those who were excited for what the future holds.

Dan Campbell interested in keeping Golladay, Okwara

The Detroit Lions have decisions to make apart from the monumental, franchise-altering move that’s expected shortly in the form of a Matthew Stafford trade.

Wideout Kenny Golladay and defensive end Romeo Okwara are both set to become free-agents, and new head coach Dan Campbell is open to seeing them both on his roster next season.

“Yeah, I would say, first of all, I’ve talked to both of them,” Campbell said. “Brad and I are both going to sit down and we’re going to call those guys together, as one, and just kind of talk through things with them. I would say, man, I’m interested. You know, first and foremost, I want guys that want to be here. I want to make sure first that’s something they really want, they want to be back here and they want to be part of something special. That, to me, is step number one.

“Then step two is, well, does it fit us?,” Campbell said. “Where are they at financially? Where are we at? What does it mean? What what does that do to us moving forward? All those things come into play, but I would say there’s not a closed door on either one of those guys.”

Okwara has set himself up for a substantial raise following a career season. Meanwhile, Golladay led the NFL in touchdown receptions two seasons ago, but was injured throughout the 2020 campaign.

During a recent NFL Network interview, Golladay expressed interest in remaining in the Motor City and praised new head coach Campbell.

“Actually, I’m feeling pretty good, now,” Golladay said. “I’m really excited to get back to work. Coach Campbell came with that energy, you know? I’m trying to match that same energy he came with.”

With the impending Stafford move, the Lions could soon have plenty more cap space with which to work.

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  1. Lions are the big looser to bad they want to balme the only guy who made Detroit look halfway respectable hope this shows everyone everywhere coaching and ownership is problem Detroit his had great players sanders and another heisman sims who’s career was was wasted at Detroit stafford will win anywhere but Cleveland and win division if not superboal.

  2. Happy to see Stafford get a chance in a big market with a good team so people can see just how good this guy really is. Hurts to see him with another team but he deserves a chance to win.
    Now the trade in my opinion was solid. Goff is decent and who knows could be really good with a new offense and new coaches. I think this could be something special for Detroit. The staff knows what they are doing. A 3rd round pick this year and 2 first round picks in the following drafts in 2022 and 2023. These are big and could be corner stones for the future of their team. I’m excited to see what they put together and I think Detroit lions got it right this time. Coaches across the board and leadership. This is the staff that turns around the culture of this organization.
    To the people that say Goff sucks or they could have gotten the 8th overall pick from the panthers and Bridgewater too. I think this draft is one of the weaker drafts in recent years. Gone are the days of taking all the patriot leftovers.

  3. At the end of the day I will say this, overall I’m ecstatic for Stafford happy he will finally have an opportunity to prove all you critics and doubters who thought he was the problem in Detroit when it was clearly the Ford Regime. I was born to be a Lion 🦁 Fan, but I’m rooting for Stafford to Win a Super Bowl in LA.

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