Fans take to Twitter following awful decision by Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell

The Detroit Lions have done it again. No, they didn't win. They lost a game that was there for the taking. If you're old enough to have a fully functional brain with a good memory, this isn't your first rodeo. The Minnesota Vikings drove a stake in all of our hearts when Kirk Cousins connected with K.J. Osborn with under a minute left to give the Vikings the 28-24 victory. Let's check in on Lions' Twitter. I'm sure every reaction will be rational.

Plenty of blame can be laid at the feet of some of the coaching decisions made in this one. While I love Campbell's aggressiveness, terrible fourth down play calls, and the decision to kick the field goal that led to excellent field position for the Vikings are going to be plays Dan Campbell will want to have back.

As I mentioned, if you've followed the Detroit Lions long enough, you know that this ending today is something we've almost become numb to. Almost being the keyword. It's still painful when it happens, no matter how prepared we all are for the inevitable to take place. This type of game is hard to shake off mentally, but the time for sulking over should end by tonight, for the players, anyway. Nobody speak to me for the rest of the day. My assistant will be holding my calls. (begins sobbing)

Nation, who do you feel is most at fault for the Detroit Lions' loss to the Minnesota Vikings? Did head coach Dan Campbell cost them the game with his fourth-quarter decision to attempt a long field goal?

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  1. It wasn’t just Campbell, wunderkind Ben Johnson gets the blame too. Play calling for the last quarter and a half was just plain awful. They played not to lose instead of playing to win. This is why I still am not drinking the kool-aid. Oh, did we even hear the names of the two defensive stars everyone touted as the next steel curtian with the exception of talking about last week…?

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