Fernando Tatis Jr. mocks Trevor Bauer after home run, throws in Conor McGregor strut [Video]

If you have been following along with baseball for the past couple of seasons, you know there is a growing rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. In fact, it truly seems like there is at least some level of hatred between the two California-based clubs.

Also, if you have been following baseball, you know Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is a tool. (You can tell which side I am on already)

During a Spring Training game this year, Bauer thought it would be fun to get cute and pitch with one eye closed against the Padres. Following the game, Bauer mocked the Padres by posting a video of his childish antics.

Well, on Saturday, Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. got even. Well, as you are about to see, he actually got way ahead as he hit two home runs off of Bauer in the game.

Following the first bomb, Tatis mocked Bauer by covering one eye while he rounded the bases.

Check it out.

But Tatis was not done there as he proceeded to hit a second home run off of Bauer and then broke into the Conor McGregor strut as he crossed home plate.

The Dodgers have the better team right now but this will be a fun rivalry to follow, regardless of who gets the upper hand in the end!