Final: Detroit Lions 13 – Jacksonville Jaguars 12

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The Detroit Lions finished their third preseason game, and it was not too pretty. Even though the Lions snuck away with the win, it was not a very good performance for Detroit.  Matthew Stafford did not show the same accuracy and awareness as he had the previous two games. Reggie Bush had a couple nice runs on the first drive, however one was negated by a Brandon Pettigrew holding penalty. The defense gave up one first down on the Jaguar’s first drive, and quickly shut the Jags down.

The following Detroit Lions’ drive looked hopeless, as it started at the 3 yard line. Joique Bell gave Reggie Bush some room, and a few runs later Reggie Bush takes it 86 yards for a touchdown. Beautiful run, and it happened with good blocking from the rookie tight end, Eric Ebron.

The Lions’ defense continued to make the Jacksonville offense struggle throughout the first quarter. The Jaguars were kept to just one first down in the first quarter, and the Lions offense started to pick up at the end of the first. However, they had a failed fourth down conversion stall a red zone chance.

8 penalties stalled the Lions’ offense and defense in the first half alone, and they had 15 penalties in the entire game. Blake Bortles was able to manufacture a scoring drive within the last 2 minutes of the first half. The problem with that is that he did it against the Lions’ first team defense. Bortles was also able to score a touchdown on the Lions’ reserve defense with the help of a few more penalties, and a fumble lost by Detroit running back George Winn.

Matthew Stafford finished the night going 10-16, with 98 yards, and an interception. Reggie Bush had an astounding 95 yards on just two carries. Calvin Johnson caught 2 passes in his first live action since 2013, and finished the night with 27 yards. Golden Tate caught 3 passes for 36 yards. Georgio Tavecchio missed a 51 yard field goal with about 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

The Detroit Lions had 2 interceptions by their backup secondary; Ness and Green got in on the fun. The Lions also gave up 2 fumbles, and an interception. A lot of yellow flags were littering Ford Field tonight, and that is something both teams are going to be paying a lot of attention to going forward.