Five times the Detroit Red Wings were screwed by the officials [Video]

While every professional team in existence have had a bone to pick with the officials, some examples of having gotten calls absolutely wrong stand out more than others. Of course, the Detroit Red Wings are no exception to the rule.

Let's take a look back at five times that they were robbed.

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5. Sharks score after puck hits protective netting

The National Hockey League installed protective netting on both ends of every rink following the tragic death of a young fan in Columbus in 2002. Naturally, pucks will sometimes deflect out of play and hit the netting, meaning the play is to be blown dead. However, the on-ice officials missed this happening during a February 2008 game between the San Jose Sharks and Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena, allowing a Sharks goal to stand despite the puck having clearly gone out of play:

4. Red Wings tying goal wiped out thanks to non-existent goaltender interference

Tomas Holmstrom took more than his fair share of abuse during his career, during which he became regarded as a goaltender's worst enemy. He routinely parked himself in front of the crease, obstructing opposition goaltenders' vision. But naturally, that came with some “reputation” style calls that saw multiple Red Wings goals called back because of Holmstrom's positioning. One of the top examples was when Nicklas Lidstrom's would-be tying goal late in the 3rd period of a January 2008 game against the Anaheim Ducks was wiped out due to Holmstrom's position in front of goaltender J-S Giguere, and as you can tell, even the broadcast team couldn't believe it.

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(This particular play begins at 1:34)

3. Phantom goaltender interference takes away goal from Drew Miller

Halloween may have been right around the corner, and it may as well have been a ghost that ran over Washington Capitals goaltender Brayden Holtby. Unfortunately, the on-ice official didn't see it that way, disallowing what should have been a Drew Miller goal for phantom goaltender interference.

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2. Marian Hossa robbed by late-whistle

We'll set the stage for those who may not remember. It's the Western Conference Semi-Finals between the Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks, Game 3, Honda Center. The Ducks are clinging to a one goal lead late in the third period, when suddenly a lose puck at the side of the goal evades goaltender Jonas Hiller, and is poked into the net by a diving Marian Hossa to tie the score! Except, the referee lost sight of the puck, and disallowed the goal.

1. Brad May's goal taken away for “intent to blow the whistle”

The “intent to blow the whistle” rule for NHL on-ice officials can get ridiculous at times, as forward Brad May found out in November of 2009. His backhand shot clearly beat Dallas Stars goaltender Alex Auld, who shoveled the puck out of the net in frustration soon afterwards. However, following a video review that left no doubt that the puck crossed the goal line, the goal was disallowed with the excuse that the official had been intending to blow the play dead.

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