Football is Back, Detroit Lions are Not Quite

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September 4th, 2014. The day that football fans across America have been waiting for. No, it is not the Detroit Lions season opener, but it is the beginning of the NFL season. Fantasy lineups will be locked into place, and we get to see the defending NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks take on our NFC North division rival Green Bay Packers. It is not quite the time for the Detroit Lions to take the field, but we are only a few days away from it happening.

The Detroit Lions will be taking on the New York Giants, and the two teams are very similar on paper. They both have talented quarterbacks that have taken the heat for their teams recent struggles. They both have tremendously aggressive defensive lines, and they both can get to the quarterback to make the opposing offense miserable. The Lions and the Giants both have new offensive coordinators, and the Lions have a new head coach and defensive coordinator, as well.

The weakness of the New York Giants is probably their secondary, much like the Detroit Lions. Prince Amukamara has shown great skills, but other than him, the Giants’ secondary doesn’t have any lock down pass defenders. Giants’ cornerback Walter Thurmond recently called out Calvin Johnson. He said, “Everyone knows he’s a talented guy, you know, but being a big receiver, he has some weaknesses for sure.”

History has not been in the favor of anyone who calls out Calvin Johnson. Rob Ryan, former Dallas Cowboy defensive coordinator, claimed that they would be fine against Megatron, because they practice against better receivers everyday. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson made Ryan eat his words as he lifted the Lions over the Cowboys with two 4th quarter touchdowns. Two years later, Dez Bryant tries making the claim that he is just as good as Calvin. Well, that also proved to be a bad idea. Johnson responded by catching 14 passes for 329 yards. That was just 7 yards shy of the NFL record for receiving yards in a game, and now Calvin Johnson’s 329 yards in a single game sits at 2nd in the record books.

The Giants also have a few big name receivers, but their receiving corps is nowhere near as talented as Detroit’s. The Giants also have a decent running back committee, but Detroit has one of the best running back duos in the country. In a very evenly matched game, the Lions seem to take the advantage by a slim margin. Paired together with playing at Ford Field, the Lions should be able to come away with a win, on September 8th.

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