Former Detroit Lion Glover Quin not sure players will fight for Matt Patricia

By Arnold Powell  - News Desk Writer
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Ever since Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia held his first training camp with the team in 2018, there has been talk about his coaching style and how it rubbed some Lions’ players the wrong way.

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One person who thinks Patricia’s ‘style’ could be a problem is former Lions’ safety, Glover Quin.

Quin joined the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday and when he was asked about the Lions, Quin has some interesting thoughts.

“I don’t know if they can fight out of it right now because I don’t know if the love and the like for (Matt) Patricia’s style makes the players want to fight out of it,” Quin said to McAfee.

Quin was also on Good Morning Football on Wednesday and he was asked by former Lions’ WR Nate Burleson if Patricia is the right man for the job.

“I think the Lions are in a tough spot right now. I just don’t think they are playing well, I mean they are losing a lot of close games,” Quin said. “Defensively, they are not making the big plays to win games. Patricia was brought in to be a defensive coach. They haven’t lived up to that. I think they got some decisions that they got to make. It’s tough right now, they are dealing with a bunch of injuries.”

“Do I think Patricia is the guy? That’s not my decision, you know? They said 9-7 was not good enough and in this league, there’s a lot of teams that would love to be 9-7 and have a shot to make the playoffs. I think they have won nine games in the last two years.”

Nation, what do you make of these comments from Quin?


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