Former Detroit Lion Stefan Logan describes incident between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz

It was one of the more memorable scenes in Jim Harbaugh‘s NFL coaching career before he returned to the University of Michigan.

While he was coaching the San Francisco 49ers, his team got the better of Jim Schwartz‘s Detroit Lions during a 2011 game at Ford Field. What happened afterward between the two coaches was the talk of the League.

Harbaugh back slapped Schwartz after an aggressive handshake; the Lions coach didn’t take kindly to that, chasing Harbaugh down and sparking a melee.

Appearing on a recent episode of ‘The TrevStone Show’ podcast, former Lions kick returner Stefan Logan described the incident from a player’s perspective.

“You know we talked with some of the guys after the game is over and all of the sudden, we saw him (Schwartz) running, and a crowd just came right on over then, ” Logan said.

“I saw all that and I thought that was very funny,” Logan added. “I say like a few weeks after that happened, we kind of made a [joke] about it afterward.”

So what was the locker room like after the incident?

“(Head Coach Jim Schwartz) came in and told us about it, and we were all like, ‘it was like two coaches that got into a fight like two grandkids right there,’” Logan said. “We all thought it was funny and it was on ESPN for about two weeks, and that right there showed a little bit of character.”

“Yeah, it was crazy, man. He felt like at the time as a man, ‘Hey, I just want you to shake my hand and not shove me off,’ like you just can’t do it like that,” Logan added.

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So who was right in that incident?

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