Former Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna says he once played with a drunk wide receiver

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For those of you who have followed the Detroit Lions closely over the years, you probably remember the Jon Kitna era.

Kitna was the Lions QB from 2006-2008. But before coming to Detroit, Kitna spent five seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals.

On Wednesday, Kitna shared an eye-raising story with Ryen Russillo from his tenure in Cincinnati.

“There were some things that were hard to believe [with the Bengals],” Kitna said, via “There was a time that I played a game with a guy that was drunk in the huddle. There was a time that a guy showed up late to a game. In the NFL, you need to be there two hours, two hours and 15 minutes ahead of time. And he showed up under an hour before the game’s start. Those are weird things, now. That’s tough. I’m not sure if the staff knew. But I think the guy was like — that was kind of his normal. I mean he was drunk and had close to 200 yards receiving now. So it was crazy.”

Though Kitna did not name this player, Pro Football Talk says that three Bengals had games of more than 150 receiving yards in a game during his tenure.

Kitna didn’t name names, but he the circumstances make it not impossible to identify the possibilities. Given that Kitna played for the Bengals from 2001 through 2005, it’s not difficult to identify which receivers “had close to 200 yards receiving” in a game during that five-year stretch.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of players that it could have been. Three had games of more than 150 receiving yards during Kitna’s time with the team. One had games of 189, 161, and 152. One had 171. Another had 152.

Who could it be?