Former Detroit Lions S Bennie Blades throws shade at All-Pro RB Derrick Henry

In case you have been locked up in your basement with no television or internet over the past few years, you are well aware that Tennesee Titans RB Derrick Henry has been arguably the best running back in football over that time.

Over the past three seasons, Henry has rushed for a whopping 4,626 yards and 47 total touchdowns for the Titans.

But one person who does not think Henry’s game would translate to “yesteryear’s game” is former Detroit Lions S Bennie Blades.

During a recent interview with Kory Woods of the Woodward Sports Network, Henry would just be average if he played when he played.

“When you transpose him him into yesteryear’s game, he would be an average running back,” Blades said.

Nation, do you agree with Blades?

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