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Former Detroit Lions WR Becomes First NFL Player To Sign Pro Basketball Contract

The former Detroit Lions wide receiver is now playing pro basketball

In an unexpected career turn, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Devin Funchess has transitioned from the gridiron to the hardwood, signing a professional basketball contract with the Caribbean Storm Llaneros of the Professional Colombia Basketball League. Funchess, according to Ari Meirov, is the first ex-NFL player to make such a switch.

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Basketball Background and Transition

Although known for his football prowess, Funchess has a notable background in basketball that predates his NFL career. He played basketball in high school and has always maintained an interest in the sport. After his release from the Lions in 2022, Funchess explored opportunities outside of football, ultimately leading to his groundbreaking move to professional basketball.

Significance of the Move

This signing is significant not only because it marks a rare transition from professional football to basketball but also because it highlights the athletic versatility that some athletes possess. Funchess’s ability to switch sports at a professional level is a testament to his athletic skill set and determination.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Career Transition: Devin Funchess, formerly a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions and other NFL teams, has signed a professional basketball contract with the Caribbean Storm Llaneros in the Professional Colombia Basketball League, making him the first ex-NFL player to make such a transition.
  2. Athletic Versatility: Funchess’s move to professional basketball underscores his significant athletic ability and versatility, highlighting that his sports talents extend beyond the football field, where he had a notable career in the NFL.
  3. Potential Trendsetter: This unique career shift could influence other athletes exploring career options across different sports, potentially setting a trend for multi-sport transitions at the professional level.
Devin Funchess

Future Prospects and Impact

As Funchess embarks on this new chapter in his sports career, all eyes will be on his performance with the Caribbean Storm Llaneros. This move could potentially open doors for other athletes considering similar transitions, challenging the traditional boundaries between professional sports disciplines.

The journey of Devin Funchess will be closely watched as he sets out to prove that his athletic talents extend beyond the football field, potentially setting a precedent for future multi-sport professional athletes.

Written by W.G. Brady

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