Former Detroit Lions WR Herman Moore posts hilarious ‘Be Like Barry’ video

On Tuesday, Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders tweeted out a few videos that were mysterious at the time. The videos included some cute puppies, a Nike box, a Lions jersey, and a Lions helmet. The final video of the night started with Barry staring into the camera with a straight face only to begin smiling as a puppy began sniffing his face.

In case you missed it, here it is.

On Wednesday morning, we found out what the videos were hinting at when Sanders tweeted out a new video revealing the commemorative Air Zoom Turf Jet 97 shoes that Nike was re-releasing to honor Barry's 20th anniversary since retiring from football.

Nike drops Barry Sanders 20th anniversary shoe

On Wednesday night, former Lions wide receiver Herman Moore decided to have a bit of fun as he released a ‘Be Like Barry' video which included a stare and a stuffed puppy.

Check it out.

Well played, Herman!