Former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Rick Mahorn throws shade at Michael Jordan

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Rick Mahorn, Michael Jordan

When it comes to the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys teams of the mid to late ’90s, one of the first players you think of is Rick Mahorn. From 1985-1989, Mahorn was a member of the Bad Boys’ team that went on to win the 1989 NBA Championship.

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During his run with the Pistons, one of the most-hated (probably THE most-hated) opponents Mahorn faced was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

During the Pistons 16th annual Black History Month Scholarship Event, this past Thursday, Mahorn threw some shade at Jordan and the Bulls when responding to a question that mentioned Jordan’s recent “The Last Dance” documentary.

From Detroit Free Press:

I do. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t watch the Jordan doc because I wouldn’t give a damn or hell about what Jordan did. We whooped that ass, that’s all that matters. But it’s a respect. I finally watched the 30 for 30 probably this year for the Bad Boys because it was something that, I said, ‘I already know about all that.’ But you learn about the players that are around you. It keeps us in contact. It’s nice to get that. We were never acknowledged as one of the best teams in the league, it was always the Celtics, the Lakers and then it was Chicago. You skip over two teams that won back-to-back with the Pistons and also the Houston Rockets. You gotta give these teams their due, because we’re in history. It didn’t skip from the Lakers to Chicago. It was a blip in all this stuff. The thing is, I’m glad that we’re finally getting the respect and the NBA is giving it to us.

I don’t know about you but I love that 30 years have gone by and there is still a healthy level of hatred from Mahorn in regards to his former rivals.

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