Former Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios admits to chugging beers after being benched by Mike Babcock

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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If you followed the career (and post-career) of former Detroit Red Wings defensemen, Chris Chelios, you know he is more than willing to speak his mind. And some of that speaking is pretty darn hilarious!

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Well, Chelios joined Barstool Sports Spittin’ Chiclets show and he revealed a story about how former Red Wings coach Mike Babcock once benched him during the 2009 Winter Classic.

Chelios said that while he was sitting on the bench, he downed some beers.

From Barstool Sports:

Chelios: He tried to healthy scratched me in the outdoor game in Wrigley Field against Chicago because he knew it was my hometown. Just things that were so unnecessary.

Whitney: When you say he tried to scratch you and what did you say? like no chance?

Chelios: Oh well trust me I will say….Kenny Holland and Jim Nill for three days argued with him. So what Babs ended up doing was he suited up 7 D for the first time ever, first and last time. He suited up 7 D, put Anders Lilja in the lineup. And played me opening shift and then didn’t play me another shift the rest of the game. That was his way of, you know, showing Kenny and now Jim Nill, he’s not going to be told what to do.

Again, and you know it’s funny. I’m sitting there. Second period and my two sons were about 40 feet, you know, sittin on the boards and they’re looking at me going, what’s going on?

And I look at them. I tip my glass like you know my cup, to get me a beer. So my two boys were handing me beers the whole game. And then McCrimmon tried to get me to go out there with a minute left to kill a penalty, I said not a chance.

Vintage Chris Chelios!

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