Former Detroit Red Wings G Chris Osgood shares epic Dominik Hasek story

If you are familiar with the career or former Detroit Red Wings‘ goaltender Dominik Hasek, you not only know he is one of the greatest of all time but you have probably heard stories about his unmatched work ethic.

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During the most recent episode of the Cam and Strick podcast, former Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood shared an epic story about Hasek, who was his teammate for a while in Detroit.

As the story goes, there was a game in which Hasek let up a shootout goal to rookie Parick Kane. Rather than just tipping his cap and putting it behind him, Hasek forced his teammates to do a shootout drill until he saved 100 shots.

Osgood said the drill took quite a while to complete.

“So we had to sit out there for a half-hour, maybe more, probably more, and stop 100 breakaways before we could leave,” said Osgood.