Former Detroit Tigers OF Nicholas Castellanos suspended by Major League Baseball

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According to reports, Major League Baseball has suspended Cincinnati Reds OF Nicholas Castellanos 2 games for his altercation with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Jake Woodford, who was not fined at all.

As noted by Joel Sherman, Woodford clearly hit Castellanos with a pitch on purpose earlier in the game and should have also received a suspension if Castellanos did.


On Saturday afternoon, the Cincinnati Reds took on the St. Louis Cardinals and things got a bit heated when former Detroit Tigers OF Nicholas Castellanos decided to taunt Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford after a play at the plate.

As you you are about to see, the Cardinals’ bench was not too happy about Castellanos’ actions and they came flooding out onto the field, as did the Reds players.

Check it out.

It does not appear as if any pitches were thrown but things certainly could have gotten ugly.

Prior to this happening, Woodford had hit Castellanos with a fastball and Castellanos was not happy at all as he stared down Woodford on the mound.

Baseball is back!


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