Former Lion Ndamukong Suh calls himself out on Twitter for past conduct

The Detroit Lions drafted Suh number two overall in 2010. However, it seemed that Suh couldn’t leave Detroit fast enough. He began to wear out his welcome with the Miami Dolphins after signing a mega-contract in South Florida, ultimately only playing half of the five year deal he signed before the twi sides parted ways, and he’s reflecting on those past mistakes.

He essentially called himself out on social media, reflecting how he alienated his teammates with his opposition to the hiring of new coach Adam Gase, and his overall bad attitude.

“If you’re not careful about how you do things, you end up being the bad guy,” Suh tweeted.

Suh has gone on to play in multiple Super Bowls since leaving Detroit and Miami, losing with the Los Angeles Rams and then winning with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this year.

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