Former Lions’ QBs Joey Harrington and Dan Orlovsky beef on Twitter

Former Detroit Lions QBs Dan Orlovsky and Joey Harrington disagreed with TACOS earlier in the week.

When it comes to the Detroit Lions, there is no question about it that they have had more bad quarterbacks over the years than they have had good ones. A couple of bad quarterbacks that immediately come to mind are Joey Harrington and Dan Orlovsky. Earlier in the week, Orlovsky took to Twitter to share what he felt was a “game changer” when it comes to Tacos. Rather than just scrolling on and letting it go, Harrington decided to chime in.

Dan Orlovsky Twitch Joey Harrington Lions

What did Harrington and Orlovsky beef about on Twitter?

It all started with Orlovsky tweeting that cucumbers in tacos are a game changer.

“Here me out. Cucumbers in tacos. Kina a game changer.”

Harrington caught wind of the tweet and felt the need to respond.

“As someone who has shared meals with @danorlovsky7, don’t ever, EVER, listen to him about anything food related.”

Orlovsky simply responded with, “Joey.”

Harrington then doubled down.

“You have a great eye for film study, but a horribly bland palate. Everyone has something they’re not very good at. Mine was the NFL…yours is eating. I wholeheartedly stand by my statement.”

Harrington pretty much nailed it on the head with his last statement!

Dan Orlovsky and Joey Harrington By the Numbers

Neither Orlovsky nor Harrington played well during their time with the Lions.

  • Joey Harrington: Four seasons, 54.7 completion percentage, 18-37 as a starter, 60 TDs and 62 INTs
  • Dan Orlovsky: Three seasons, 55.1 completion percentage, 0-7 as a starter, 9 TDs and 9 INTs