Former Michigan All-American Jon Jansen challenges Nebraska’s Scott Frost and his 1997 team

In 1997, the Michigan Wolverines ran the table, including a win over Washington State in the Rose Bowl, which earned them the No. 1 ranking in the final AP Poll of the season.

But during the same season, the Nebraska Cornhuskers also went undefeated and ended up as the No. 1 team in the Coaches Poll.

Ever since then, there has been an argument as to who the “real” National Champion was during that season.

One person who believes Nebraska was the better team is current Nebraska head coach, Scott Frost.

Frost, who played quarterback for the ‘97 Cornhuskers, believes that team would have taken on and defeated all comers.

”I don’t think anyone could have taken the field and beat us,” Frost said on a 1997 Nebraska show which aired on the Big Ten Network.

Well, one person who clearly disagrees with Frost is former Michigan All-American, Jon Jansen, who just so happened to play for the Wolverines during that magical season.

But Jansen did not simply reply that the ‘97 Wolverines were the better team, he took it a step further by challenging Frost and his ‘97 teammates to a game…NOW!

“The first of two National Championships he campaigned for,” Jansen tweeted. “We are still ready, anytime, anywhere…Let’s go and settle it on the field, my team is ready.”

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Jansen also made sure to tag Tom Brady and Charles Woodson.


This game will surely NEVER happen, but we certainly can dream!!

Michigan 24 Nebraska 17

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