Former Michigan running back cut for wanting pizza over chicken salad

Well, you can file this story in the “we don’t see this everyday category.”

According to former Michigan running back De’Veon Smith, he was recently cut by the Pittsburgh Maulers of the USFL for wanting to eat a slice of pizza instead of chicken salad.

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On Monday, in “United by Football: A season in the USFL” – which is a documentary about the preseason leading up to the start of the USFL season, Smith revealed why he believes he was cut.

The video shows Maulers’ head coach Kirby Wilson releasing Smith on March 22. Smith claims that he was cut because he asked if he could eat a slice of pizza instead of chicken salad and he was told, ‘no.’

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From MLive:

“He said, ‘Is that gonna be a problem?’ I said, ‘Yes,’” Smith said in the documentary. “It’s all I said. I didn’t say no cuss word, no nothing. That’s all I said, I promise you. No disrespect, but on my dad’s life, I promise I didn’t say nothing disrespectful besides, ‘Yes.’”

Wilson didn’t divulge any further details about the March 22 incident but said Smith “crossed the line” and violated team policy by showing disrespect.
“Someone’s hurt feelings are a distant second to the greater good of the team,” Wilson said in the video. “We’ve moved on and turned that page and I’m happy we did it.”
Nation, do you feel like this is a good enough reason to cut a player? Do you believe this was the only reason why Smith was set packing?

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