Former Michigan WR A.J. Henning announces transfer destination

Michigan football faced the expected loss of wide receiver and return specialist A.J. Henning this offseason as he entered the NCAA transfer portal. Despite high expectations for his role in the Wolverines' offense, Henning's production declined in 2022, leading to reduced utilization. Seeking a fresh start, the Chicago native has now revealed his commitment to Northwestern, a move that brings him closer to home. With two years of eligibility remaining, Henning aims to make an impact with the Wildcats.

A.J. Henning Michigan

Key Points

  • Henning previously has announced his decision to transfer.
  • After a promising start, Henning's production and utilization declined during the 2022 season.
  • Seeking new opportunities, Henning committed to Northwestern, a move closer to his hometown.

Bottom Line – A.J. Henning Finds Home at Northwestern

In a move that combines personal factors with athletic aspirations, Henning's decision to transfer to Northwestern represents a homecoming and an opportunity for a fresh start. Despite a decline in production during his time at Michigan, Henning possesses the talent and potential to make an impact at Northwestern. The Wildcats gain a versatile playmaker who can contribute both as a receiver and in the return game. As Henning embarks on this new chapter, both he and Northwestern look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.

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