Former minion of Theo Epstein gaining traction as Detroit Tigers GM candidate

The Detroit Tigers have finally decided to move on from Al Avila as their general manager and one name that has been mentioned as a potential candidate is Theo Epstein.

But as quickly as Epstein's name was mentioned, plenty of writers were quick to point out the obvious that chances are he is not interested in the Tigers' opening. (I still believe that Chris Ilitch should at least pick up the phone and give Epstein a call)

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“We're going to start the process, and we're going to let it run its course,” owner Christopher Ilitch said. “When we find the right candidate, it will have finished. That's a longer way of saying there's not an established timeline.”

“We will deploy the full resource of our entire organization to ensure that we identify the best candidate to lead our baseball operations into the future,” Ilitch said. “That candidate is going to be the person who's best equipped for us to accomplish our objectives.

“This will be an exhaustive, thorough search.”

Former minion of Theo Epstein gaining traction as Detroit Tigers GM candidate

The question is, who will the Detroit Tigers eventually hire to be their next general manager?

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On Monday, Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic released a list of potential candidates to replace Al Avila as the Tigers' next GM and the one that caught my eye just so happens to be a former minion of Theo Epstein.

That potential candidate is Jason McLeod from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here is what Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic has to say about McLeod gaining traction

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Jason McLeod (Diamondbacks): Here’s one of the early names gaining some traction. McLeod is in his first year as a special assistant with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to that, McLeod served as Theo Epstein’s chief scouting and player development executive with the Cubs. McLeod worked as an assistant GM with the Padres, where he overlapped in the front office with A.J. Hinch, and also worked under Epstein with the Red Sox. His proven success in the realm of player development makes him a natural fit, though he has interviewed for GM jobs before and never been hired.

Nation, would you like to see the Detroit Tigers hire Jason McLeod as their next general manager? Do you think Theo Epstein would be interested?

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  1. We really need someone with a big broom to clean house. I’ve got a list of players I’d like to see get traded or released.
    Jimenez (while he’s having a good year, I don’t trust him)
    ! or both Castro’s
    Time to think about trading Cameron. He’s never been able to hit MLB pitching.
    Find a taker for Baez. Too many errors and K’s. Not worth the contract he got.
    If the team is gonna suck, let it suck with guys like Carpenter, Kreidler, and Tork.
    Hope Mize, Manning and Skubal can all pitch a full year next year. Turnbull should be back as well. And for Heavens sake, get a batting coach.

  2. Neither!
    Cubs won 1 WS Title, then imploded into a long rebuild.
    Epstein left at just the right time as the wheels came off the Cubs and their farm system.
    Epstein also left the Red Sox in a hurry.
    He is a big lights, big city guy who wouldn’t be a fit in Detroit.

    Find someone who will build a perennial contender and stay around to
    supervise a World Series Championship and parade.

  3. By all means, hire Epstein, give him the money and power to get the job done and the Tigers would likely be in the ’26 World Series.

  4. Tigers/Wings were Mr.I’s passion! not the son’s passion. Theo would like a piece of the pie (ownership) make him apart owner. Then this would take the pressure off the son.

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