Former NHL forward John Scott suggests NHL could be close to returning

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The National Hockey League was forced to shut down last month during the final stretch of the regular season before the playoffs thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

Since then, the League has reportedly been working on solutions to try and finish the season and have a chance to award the Stanley Cup, with potential neutral sites being discussed.

Former NHL forward John Scott tweeted earlier today that he’s heard of an alleged starting date for teams to resume:

Now, while this news should certainly be taken with a grain of salt, it isn’t outlandish to view Scott’s tweet as having relevancy. Former players have plenty of connections with inside information throughout the hockey world, and Scott hasn’t been known to post sensational headlines for dramatic effect in the past.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Scott is a veteran of nearly 300 NHL games and over 500 penalty minutes, and was voted as an NHL All-Star in 2016.