Former Packers DB makes bold prediction regarding Aaron Rodgers’ future

We spent most of the offseason wondering where Aaron Rodgers will play in 2021 and we now know that he will stick around with the Green Bay Packers.

That being said, 2o21 could be Rodgers’ final season in Green Bay as the team has agreed to talk to him at the end of the season to find out if he wants to stick around or if he wants to be traded.

According to former Packers DB Will Blackmon, who reportedly has a good relationship with Rodgers, he believes the reigning NFL MVP will leave Green Bay following the 2021 season.

Blackmon believes that if Jameis Winston struggles in New Orleans in 2021, Rodgers will replace him.

From TMZ:

“Next year,” Blackmon said, “Aaron Rodgers will be a New Orleans Saint.”

“I can see Aaron Rodgers being a New Orleans Saint next year,” Blackmon said.

Here are Blackmon’s comments via TMZ.