Former Patriots OL purposely got accident to avoid being cut by Bill Belichick

    When it comes to old school, hard-core NFL coaches, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick certainly tops the list.

    Belichick has always been a no-nonsense head coach and his players have always known that crossing him is not a great idea as they could get a quick ticket to the bench, or even our the door completely.

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    In fact, one of Belichick's former players says he intentionally got into a car accident just so that he did not get cut by Belichick.

    Former Patriots OL purposely got in car accident to avoid being cut by Bill Belichick

    According to former New England Patriots offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger, he once got into a car accident on purpose so that he would not be cut by Bill Belichick for being late to practice.

    During a recent episode of his San Diego-based radio show, Ohrnberger told a crazy story about how he once slept through his alarm but improvised so that he would not feel the watch of Belichick.

    From 97.1 The Ticket:

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    “My phone died overnight,” he said. “I realize I’m waking up to the sound of chirping birds and my alarm not going off. I am frantic. I don’t even bother looking at the clock. I know I’m late. I know I’m late.”

    “I have this sinking feeling in my stomach like, ‘I’m going to get cut. [Bill Belichick] is not going to have me on this football team come tomorrow. What do I do?,’” said Ohrnberger.

    His question was answered from above. Ohrnberger says he saw a battered-looking church van in front of him, and decided to (lightly) ram into it.

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    “I’m just like, ‘I’m gonna hit this car. I’m gonna rear end this car. I’m gonna hit this car, because it’s better to pay the insurance or peel off this guy a couple hundred bucks than embarrassing myself being late for this Patriots team meeting,’” he said.

    Ohrnberger said his plan worked to perfection and he ended up playing three seasons for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

    Something tells us that when Belichick catches wind of this, if he has not already, he will still try to cut Ohrnberger, even though he is no longer on the team.


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