Former player Geoff Schwartz calls out Detroit Lions for ‘stupid’ weight-loss punishment

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If you were not aware, players in the NFL have certain weight expectations and they are expected to meet expectations or face potential fines from their team.

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According to former NFL player Geoff Schwartz, he was once fined by Bob Quinn and the Detroit Lions for being 1 lb overweight.

In a tweet, Schwartz posted a video of him riding what looks to be a stationary bike and claiming he came into camp at 341 lbs instead of 340 lbs, despite losing 13 lbs and 3% body fat between the end of OTAs and camp. He said he was fined for being 1 lb overweight and was put on a weight loss program.

Schwartz said he “had to ride a bike for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes after meetings at 930pm. For one pound at 30 years ago. I’d missed weight before and never gotten fined. And they told me if I lost BF, my weight wasn’t as important. This “punishment” was so stupid.”

He went on to add that Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin did not fine players for that exact situation.

Detroit Lions, Geoff Schwartz

Nation, do you have a problem with the Detroit Lions fining Jeff Schwartz for coming into camp 1 lb overweight?

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