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FIGHT NIGHT! Former Red Wings’ bruiser Bob Probert’s first NHL fight

If you are a fan of the Detroit Red Wings, there is no question that you loved Bob Probert while he wore the Winged Wheel on his hockey sweater.

Probert was one of the greatest fighters in NHL history and it all started on November 11th, 1985 when he squared off against fellow rookie, Craig Coxe of the Vancouver Canucks.

Take a look at Probert and Coxe as they exchange punch after punch before Coxe finally goes down to the ice.

It’s interesting to note that this was not the first time these two fought on the ice as they also squared off once in the OHL.

Nation, is there a single player in today’s NHL who you would love to see Probert drop the gloves with?


Friday Night Fights: 5 best NHL fights from October of 2017

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All in all, the NHL saw 41 fights October, 2017. Don’t have time to watch them all? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 best fights from the month of October around the NHL.

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