Former Red Wings D Vladimir Konstantinov’s care could be at risk

A new law in Michigan is putting the medical care of individuals who have suffered catastrophic head injuries at risk, and there is perhaps no higher-profile resident of the state than former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov.

As you may remember, Konstantinov's career was ended less than a week after Detroit's 1997 Stanley Cup victory after a limousine accident that threatened his life and rendered him paralyzed.

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Earlier this afternoon, Arcadia Home Care & Staffing, the organization that provides his care held a press conference and stated their hopes for state lawmakers to repair the no-fault auto insurance reform linked to injury care after devastating accidents like Konstantinov's. The law that took effect this past July cut reimbursement rates by 45%, putting the care provided by companies like Arcadia at risk.

“We have cared for Vlady for 20 years, and to see that we might have to make this hard decision to cut him free and just hope and pray he can find something.. it is not a good place to be in,” said Theresa Ruedisueli.

Meanwhile, the following statement was released by executive director of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan Erin McDonaugh:

“Auto no-fault reforms are creating savings for Michigan drivers, providing choice, reducing fraud and reining in rampant overcharging by medical providers who previously charged three and four times as much for the exact same medical procedures under the old, broken system.

“More than 7 million drivers are seeing savings coming their way, anticipating $400 per-vehicle checks, and we should let these reforms keep working. IAM member companies continue to work with customers to make sure their medically necessary care is covered. For insured drivers not able to resolve their issues, a hotline was created by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services and we encourage people to use that resource.

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“So far, only a small number of individuals reported issues with their care under auto no-fault reforms and to date, open complaints only total seven. We should stay the course and let reforms keep working.”

– – Quotes via WXYZ Link – –

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  1. The $400 dollar checks are not from the no fault. It’s from the overage that they are sitting on that the insurance companies have been charging us for michigan catastrophe fund. It was in the old contract that they were suppose to reimburse when the fund hit a certain amount, and they never did. And have been collecting interest on…

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