Fox Sports Detroit as we know it will soon be no more

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According to Sean Shapiro, Fox Sport regional networks will formally rebrand to Bally Sport on March 31. As noted by Shapiro, on that day, Fox Sports Detroit will be known as Bally Sports Detroit.


For those of you who have grown accustomed to watching the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Red Wings on Fox Sports Detroit, this may come as a surprise to you as FSD will reportedly be no more.

According to a report from the New York Post, Sinclair and Bally’s have agreed to a 10-year contract worth $85 million for the naming rights.

Because of this, Fox Sports Detroit, along with Sinclair’s 20 other regional networks, will be renamed, though a new name has not yet been released.

Sinclair Broadcast Group and casino operator Bally’s Corp. are teaming up to bet big on sports gambling, The Post has learned.

The two companies just signed a deal for Sinclair to rename its 21 sports networks Bally Sports, source said.

Bally’s, which owns Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino, will pay Sinclair $85 million over a 10-year period for the naming rights, giving it exclusive access to fans of 42 major teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Detroit Tigers, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Kansas City Royals, sources said.

The goal, sources said, is for viewers to eventually be able to bet on games using a Bally’s online gaming tool directly from their TVs.

Sinclair’s channels are currently named after Fox Sports because it bought them last year to help clear Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox.

Don’t worry, you will still get your Detroit sports fix, but tuning into Fox Sports Detroit will be a think of the past.

Who knows, maybe we will now be tuning in to “Bally’s Sports Detroit.”

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  1. Well Bally should make sure that people that are using a steaming service will be able to see the games. Right now anyone using a steaming service is NOT able the see their local teams. 42 major teams have been blocked from their fans seeing their local teams. If this situation is not resolved Bally’s goal of having people bet on games while watching TV well not be as successful as they maybe planning.

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