Game of the Day: Chris Osgood takes down Patrick Roy and shuts out the Avalanche 2-0 on April Fools Day 1998

We continue our Game of the Day series with a classic matchup between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche that took place on April 1, 1998 at Joe Louis Arena. Detroit were the defending Stanley Cup champions, and the hatred that both sides felt for each other was definitely still in place.

Not only did the Red Wings defeat the Avs by a 2-0 score thanks to two goals from Sergei Fedorov and a Chris Osgood shutout, but the game was memorable for being the second time in just over a year that Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy lost a fight to a much smaller Red Wings goaltender!

Most of the highlight worthy action takes place in the third period, including both Fedorov goals and Osgood landing on top of Roy after dropping the mitts.