Report: Suicide bomber tried to enter France vs. Germany game


According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, at least one suicide bomber involved in Friday’s Paris attacks attempted to get into France’s national soccer stadium but was stopped by security.

A security guard from the stadium told the Wall Street Journal that the attacker had a ticket to the game but was stopped after being frisked by security outside of the stadium. While being frisked, the explosive vest was found on the attacker and as he attempted to back away it was detonated.

The stadium, which is named Stade de France, has a capacity of 80,000 and was hosting an exhibition between France and Germany.

A police officer confirmed to the WSJ what happened and it is suspected by authorities that the attacker planned to detonate his vest inside the stadium, hoping to cause a “deadly stampede” to take place, potentially killing many more.

It was also reported that a few minutes later a second suicide bomber detonated his vest outside of the stadium and then a third detonated his at a local McDonald’s.

As reported yesterday, the bombs could be heard loud and clear from inside the stadium.