If you haven’t been seeing our posts, you can thank Facebook. They have changed the way posts are viewed on your newsfeed, so that pages that post quick reading articles will not be shown in your news feed! If you value the coverage that DSN provides, please head to our page Detroit Sports Nation and adjust your notifications settings to allow notifications for our posts.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it would change its news feed algorithm to put a higher priority on content shared by friends and family. That most likely means you will see fewer articles, videos or photos shared by the media companies you follow on Facebook (like us).

There were two other updates recently that had such a dramatic impact on DSN, that we are now seeing a 63% drop in page views overall – which is painful, to say the least, and not just for us. You have chosen to like our page to receive our content – and now Facebook has deemed that content not worthy of being shown.

Now, Facebook will measure how much time you spend on a shared link, whether it’s an Instant Article or on another site. This should begin to filter out clickbait links that don’t actually provide useful content. In addition, Facebook is also looking to penalize Pages that post too often.

We post every day, every half hour in order to keep you, our fans informed. We have been forced to adjust this to once per hour.


Yet another update to the News Feed that’ll change the prioritization of what you see at
the top of your News Feed. Interacting with a post (liking, commenting, or sharing) is a good indicator for what users are interested in; however, it is not the only way of gauging interest.

Users are less likely to interact with a sad news-related post or a serious current event, but that does not mean they do not want these stories in their News Feeds. Facebook will now measure the potential interest in a post based on the following criteria: user interest in the creator, post performance among other users, past content performance of the creator, type of post the user prefers, and how recent the post is.

When you click on a post or link, Facebook will measure how much time you spend on post, even if you don’t like, comment, or share. This will help Facebook in its algorithm when predicting and prioritizing which posts you are most interested in.

Our content is often times short and to the point, specifically catering to our users, who are primarily on mobile devices. As such, the time you spend on this site per article is very short, but often.

Help us combat this change by adjusting your notifications. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news you care about delivered to your email daily.

Here are the steps that you can take to see all of our posts:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook page of a publication you want to regularly see news items from. Here’s ours, clearly something you’d love to keep reading. Make sure the box marked “Like” is checked, which will signify you’re following the page.


  2. If on the desktop, hover over the downward-facing arrow on the “Like” button with your mouse. A drop-down menu with a set of options should appear. If on your phone, just tap the “Following” button for a similar menu.

  3. On the desktop, you should see a label that says “In Your News Feed,” which will most likely be set to “default.” That means what you see from DSN’s Facebook page will rely largely on what the algorithm determines you should see, based on your history of interacting with content shared from DSN’s official account.
  4. If you want to see everything DSN posts, click the “See First” option instead. On a smartphone, just click the “See First” option under the following button on the page.
  5. If you want to dig deeper, click on the tiny pencil-like button to the right of “In Your News Feed,” which will show you another list of options. From there, you can choose to be notified by pop-up Facebook notifications when DSN posts certain types of content, like photos or live video. – We post mostly links and photo posts.

That’s it. From now on, you’ll see every recent new item DSN posts at the top of your news feed since you last visited Facebook. This works for any news outlet with a Facebook page that you already follow, so just navigate to those pages to see all of that content as well.

Here’s the caveat: You may not want to see all the many, many news items that a publisher pushes out over a single day, which means clicking “See First” isn’t for you.

Fear not. Part of the logic of Facebook’s algorithm is that it is tailored to show you exactly the type of content you want to see, whether it’s news items, baby photos or live videos. So in essence, the more you interact with news articles shared by the publishers you like — be it clicking on them and reading or resharing them in your own feed — the more Facebook will know that you want to see that type of content.



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